2-3 Bedroom Moving Kit

6 x Small moving boxes
15 x Double-walled strength medium boxes
4 x Double-walled large moving boxes
1 x Bubble wrap 300 mm x 10 meters
1 x Packing tape – brown
1 x Black marker pen

If you’re gearing up to leave your 2-3 bedroom house, our carefully curated moving kit is tailor-made for your needs. It includes all the essential products you’ll require for your move, and it offers a fantastic savings of approximately 45% compared to purchasing these items separately. In this kit, you’ll receive a total of 25 boxes, bubble wrap for the protection of delicate items, tape to securely seal your boxes, and a marker pen for labeling your belongings within the boxes. It’s a remarkable deal!

Should you wish to augment your kit with additional items, you’re in luck, as each component within this kit is also available for individual purchase.


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