Disruptions in global supply chains have led to significant challenges in the packaging industry. A major issue that began in 2021 and continues to this day is the ongoing shortage of cardboard. Rather than a temporary problem, this shortage reflects deeper issues such as rising consumer demand and recycling difficulties following the e-commerce surge of recent years. The impact is significant for businesses that rely on cardboard for packaging, shipping, and displaying their products.

Reasons Behind the Shortage

Several factors are contributing to the cardboard shortage, including raw material scarcities, labour shortages, and ongoing transportation constraints. Supply is struggling to meet the high demand, with paper mills unable to keep pace. The expected decline in online shopping post-pandemic has not materialised, adding further strain to an already stressed supply chain. Packaging companies are thus challenged to secure enough cardboard while also considering innovative solutions to address scarcity and environmental responsibilities.

Effects on Cardboard Prices

Worldwide, the rise in cardboard and paper prices can be traced to the increase in e-commerce and home deliveries post-pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and rising raw material costs. These disruptions have driven up production costs for cardboard, impacting manufacturing, distribution, and ultimately, the end consumer.

Therefore, we must inform our clients that there will be an increase in the prices of our boxes. This decision is necessary to ensure we can continue to meet your packaging needs with the quality you expect from Moving Supplies Online. While price increases are challenging, we are committed to transparency and will work with you to navigate these difficult times.

Cheap Cardboard Boxes are a false economy

Why High-Quality Cardboard is Essential

Using lower quality cardboard is not a viable option due to the associated risks. Lower grade cardboard is more likely to be easily crushed or damaged, which can compromise the safety and integrity of the items being transported. High-quality cardboard boxes, like those we offer, are designed to withstand significant stress and can be reused multiple times while remaining intact. This durability ensures the protection of your goods and provides cost savings over time, as the boxes do not need to be replaced as frequently.

Dedicated to Client Relations

We recognise the importance of maintaining strong client relationships and are dedicated to clear and proactive communication. We will keep you updated on any anticipated delays or changes in pricing and work closely with you to find alternative solutions. Flexibility and understanding from both sides will be crucial as we navigate this period of disruption.

In conclusion, the ongoing global cardboard shortage presents significant challenges for our industry. Through maintaining open communication and focusing on high-quality, durable packaging solutions, we are confident that we can continue to provide you with the reliable service you need. Your understanding and support during this time are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your continued trust in Moving Supplies Online.

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