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When’s the best time to switch energy providers?

It can be hard to decide when the right time is to switch energy providers. It is possible to ignore it until you are paying too much or you become aware that you may be paying less.

  • If your contract has not expired, A cheaper "new customer" deal will usually expire after a specified period. Your tariff will be changed to standard or default if you do not switch. These tariffs are usually more expensive.
  • Winter will soon arrive if you don't have fixed-term tariff. It can be hard to see your energy costs because most people consume less energy during the summer. This can make it difficult to determine your energy costs before winter arrives.
  • If you think that prices will rise. Rumours of an imminent rise in energy prices will circulate. If one energy provider announces a hike in tariffs, all other providers follow suit. When prices rise, fixed price tariffs may be a good option. The agreement can guarantee your rate for up to five years, depending on how long it is. It is important not to switch to a fixed rate standard tariff when prices rise. It is possible that the variable rate does not include a tariff increase.
  • Just before your deal ends. Just before your deal ends.
  • Switching before your current deal expires could save you a few weeks on standard tariffs. You can save a few weeks on standard tariffs by switching before your current contract expires.
  • It's a great time to review your energy consumption by moving home. Moving home can help you reevaluate your energy usage.
  • Changes in your life can lead to a change in your energy usage. You can make a change in your circumstances.
  • You have cleared supplier debt. You have paid off supplier debt.
  • You are seeking more than a low tariff. If you are not satisfied with your supplier, there are many suppliers who offer exceptional customer service.
  • If you're on a regular tariff and want to do your bit for the environment, switching to a green tariff may be an option.
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