How To Switch Your Energy Supplier -

How To Switch Your Energy Supplier

1. Notify your current energy supplier

  • You should contact your existing energy supplier at least 48 hours before you move in order to let them know the date and the address.
  • You may be asked by your energy supplier to take a reading of the meter or arrange for one. Your contact information will be included in your bill.

2. You should check your energy account

  • Are you able to get credit? This will help you plan for what to expect. When moving costs are involved, it can be easy to forget a large bill.

3. Take a reading of the meter on the day you move out

  • Even if your smartmeter isn't working, you can still read your gas and electricity meters and take a note. If you have a smartphone, take a photo.
  • Provide a copy of meters readings to your landlord, next tenants or owners, along with details about the energy supplier.
  • To ensure everyone has a record of the meters, you can submit them online, through your app or over the phone to your energy supplier.

Top Tip: Get an energy estimate before you move in and compare prices. To make it easier for you to switch to electricity or lower gas, you can also initiate your switch of energy provider.

Your new home.

1. Take your gas and electricity readings on moving day

  • Make sure that you have the most recent readings for your electric and gas meters before you move into your new home. It is possible for previous occupants to have left readings but you should still check yours to prevent any issues later.
  • This will make sure you only pay for the electricity or gas you use, and not for any energy used by other occupants.
  • You should check the thermostat and heating timers. Your home might have a more tropical feel than its previous owners.

2. Find out who your next supplier of energy is

It should be possible to retrieve this information again. There are many ways to locate it if you don't have it.

Locate your gas supplier

    • Find out who supplies gas for your home by visiting Find my Supplier or calling 08706081524. (Please note that calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus the access fee of your telephone company).

Find an electricity provider

  • For electricity, you should contact your local distribution company. You can use the Energy Networks Association's search tool to find the postcode or search the telephone directory under 'Electricity'.
  • When you speak to them, ask for MPAS. This is the Meter Point Administration Service of the company.

3. The meters readings should be available to your energy supplier

  • Register with your new energy supplier. They will need to verify that you have moved in and give them your meters readings.
  • Your energy company may have sent you a letter advising you about what to do.
  • If you have a prepaymentmeter installed in your new home, you will need to arrange for a new key or card to be sent. You can learn more about prepayment meters in our How to Pay Your Energy Bill Guide.

4. Compare the prices to switch to renewable energy as soon possible

  • The standard variable tariff will be offered by your new supplier of energy. This is their most expensive tariff.
  • If your home has undergone a renovation, you might be surprised at the first month's billing. This is especially true when it is on top of your previous bill.
  • The faster you switch suppliers and compare energy prices, the lower your bill will be.
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